Don’t steal a fellow drifter’s girlfriend if he drives a family sedan and you can’t tandem.

At a recent drift event, which I believe to have occurred somewhere in florida, based on how shitty the nissans look, this incident happened during tandem:

Now, I’d be psyched on an X8 hitting an S13 in tandem and disabling it any day of the week, but the backstory makes it so much better. Our hero in the X8 used to bring his girlfriend to every event he drifted at, until this bitch left him for this nissan driving ass nigga who also attends the same events. This particular day, homeboy with the 240 brought the girl to ride along in the nissan while he went door-to-door with our protagonist. Luckily, fate conspired in Toyota’s favor, and the kid with the nissan spun out on a run where he was leading, giving the family man his perfect opportunity for revenge by simply… not braking quite fast enough.

And how sweet his revenge was. As soon as nearly three tons of japanese steel, Florida panhandle redneck, and chinese wheels collided, trading rustoleum spray paint as distasteful as it was hastily applied for the highest quality gloss black two-stage urethane enamel Toyota had to offer in the late 80′s, the girl in question flipped the bird… our hero returned the gesture, and without skipping a beat, kept drifting, while the nissan was left stranded on track, on account of the FMIC being ruptured. Apparently, the entire Florida drift scene knew what was going on between the drivers, judging by the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction.

Another video:

Story courtesy of the fine gentlemen of JZXProject.

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9 Responses to Don’t steal a fellow drifter’s girlfriend if he drives a family sedan and you can’t tandem.

  1. Gene Pettijohn says:

    OMG I was at the event it occured it was my friends Cressida that hit the 240 haha FBGM

  2. Sushi says:


  3. david baker says:

    Man it was awsome! I was there hahahah

  4. leilana says:

    FBGM. the most fun ive had in awhile. Props for posting this hahahahah

  5. RumDiet says:

    Boom!! Bitch!!

  6. RumDiet says:

    Oh and FBGM!!

  7. Dhan says:

    holy baby ass nigga florida infield.

  8. Jesse Thomas says:

    Oh shit this is dope. keep drifting fun by being a fucking badass and raping posers in family sedans! You guys need to make a hate movement sticker i wanna rock one so bad.

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